Pipe wall thickness calculation as per ASME B31.3

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The minimum pipe wall thickness including mill tolerance for pipe sizes from 1/2" to 24" will be listed below the Submit Button.

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Allowable Stress (psi)

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Weld Joint Quality Factor
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As per section 304.1.2 of ASME B31.3, for a straight pipe under internal pressure, the design thickness shall be calculated as per the following equation:

t = \(\frac{PD}{2(SE + PY)}\)

The minimum thickness of pipe, T shall not be less than tm

where tm = t + c

c = sum of mechanical allowances (thread or groove depth) plus corrosion and erosion allowances

D = Outside diameter of pipe

E = Quality factor from Table A-1A or Table A-1B of ASME B31.3

P = Internal design pressure (gauge)

S = Allowable stress of material from Table A-1A or Table A-1M of ASME B31.3

t = Pressure design thickness calculated as per above formula

W = Weld joint strength reduction factor in accordance with para 302.3.5(e)

Y = coefficient from Table 304.1.1, valid for t < D/6